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More Toucan Trilogy Language Editions!

Below are the current links for all the current language editions of Scott Cramer's The Toucan Trilogy. The books are also available at Amazon country sites, as well as KOBO, Google Play Books, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, TOLINO, and many other regional online retailers. You can also get the paperback versions. *coming soon = 3 - 6 months ITALIAN Nopm: Colony East: Generation M: FRENCH Nopm: Colony East: coming soon SPANISH Nopm:úrpura-Spanish/dp/1507104146 Colony East: coming soon GERMAN Nopm: Colony East: coming soon PORTUGUESE Nopm:úrpura-Portuguese-ebook/dp/B0725DWX41 Colony East: coming soon SWEDISH Nopm:åne-Swedish-ebook/dp/B07YCB4523 Colony East: coming soon DUTCH Nopm: coming soon JAPANESE Nopm: coming soon

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